by Amiensus



Originally intended for Amiensus 2015 full length "Ascension", Reflections was a B-Side that needed to be released.


Down from below
the hellish nightmare occurs
spilling over into our world
Depleted and weak
barely able to speak
a thunderous hiss, deafens us all

Where is the hope
that I once knew?
A certain truth that changes all
Pierce the veil, and show me what to live for!

A snake like charm
a rancid smell
an agony, like never seen before
Show the blind
how to tread
this sea!
In this void,
there was only
a husk of the creature

A hollow shell
that once embodied
something so divine
pierce the veil
and show me what to live
show the blind
how to tread this sea
like a veil of smoke
you were hidden, only to be seen

In plain sight
and now this is
How I await
With trembling mouthes
they will be, speechless
and fall to their knees

I am devoid of hope
I am devoid of envy
I am devoid anger
i am devoid of sadness
i am devoid fear
i am devoid of cruelty
i am devoid of greed
i am devoid of end...


released April 29, 2016
Zack Morgenthaler- Guitar
Alec Rozsa- Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Matthew Paulazzo- Drums
Todd Farnham- Bass
James Benson- Vocals/ Lyrics

Cover photo by Todd Farnham/designed Zack Morgenthaler
Produced by Alec Rozsa, Matthew Paulazzo, Todd Farnham
Recording by Alec Rozsa, Matthew Paulazzo, Todd Farnham
Mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron



all rights reserved



In 2010 the members of Amiensus came together to collectively pool their multi-talented minds and forge something that Minnesota, not even the world had seen musically. The result can be heard HERE.

The Last EP [2010] out August 2010

RESTORATION: Out January 1st 2013

"The Gathering" Split with Oak Pantheon; OUT NOW

Ascension- OUT JULY 1st, 2015
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