Shipping and return policies for Amiensus

Shipping Info
Items are typically shipped ASAP. The longest we've ever taken to ship any merch is about 28 days. Note that this is worst case scenario, but is not out-of-the-question as we all have full-time jobs and are in other touring bands.

This being said, PLEASE notify us immediately of any shipping question or issue you may have. We typically can respond within 24 hours to emails at Address them to James. We will respond as swiftly as we can. Thanks so much for your support!
Return Policy
We are a small band and don't make any money off of this and keep the prices low enough to just cut even. This being said, please email us immediately of any issue with any of our products. We can't guarantee anything upfront, but we'd like to do whatever we can/is reasonable. Each issues we will handled it on a case-by-case basis. Thanks!